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Leif Ericson Pickleball Club

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About Us

The Leif Ericson Pickleball Club is an inclusive, diverse group in the heart of South Brooklyn that plays and promotes pickleball as a sport for all ages and skill levels. The game and community create a sense of belonging through friendly competition while strengthening neighborhood relationships.

Pickleball plays like a mixture of tennis, ping pong, and badminton — it's easy to pick up regardless of your ability or previous athletic/racket sport experience. As long as you have paddles and a ball, you're guaranteed to have a good time at the Leif Ericson Pickleball Courts and be part of a welcoming group that eliminates social barriers in our vibrant, diverse community. Our club members are so enthusiastic that you can find us playing at all times of the day, and even into the night! We also organize pickleball parties, where we all bring drinks and food to share! 

Mission Statement

Whether you are a retiree, working professional, or student with some time to spare, you are always welcome to play with us. We have players at every skill level and organize free drilling/coaching sessions to help them improve their skills. Our goal is to make sure you have a good time while picking up a new sport that has helped improve many people's physical and mental well-being. Beginners are the future of pickleball, so we love introducing newcomers to the sport and our courts — we all improve together! 


We are going to provide and advocate for the best possible resources for our Club: additional NYC Parks courts and indoor courts to accommodate our fast-growing and inclusive community, technology to better connect members, and systems to help us level up our game. Our overarching goal is to establish a strong, unified foundation to build Leif Ericson's pickleball community for the next decade to come.


Friendly Pickleball
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Leif Ericson Pickleball Courts
67th Street &, 8th Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11220

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As the Pickleball Community at our park grows, so does the need for guidelines. We all come here and expect nothing less than a lot of playtime with the least interruptions. It is therefore important to do your best to follow these when the courts are at full capacity. Be mindful of the fact that not everyone is aware of these guidelines and they should be discussed with respect and integrity. Players waiting to play are responsible to guide others as needed. This system also allows us to stay clear of the courts during the play.

1-2 Paddles - Winners Stay On, All Courts

3-4 Paddles - 2 Wins Max, Courts 1-3

3-4 Paddles - 3 Wins Max, Court 4 Only

5+ Paddles, 4 On 4 Off, All Courts

On 4off requeuing back to same court the winners have priority to be next up.  If there are only 3 players queue any available player can be the 4th player.


Beginners and low-level players have priority on Courts 1 & 2 if they are present.  We ask advance players to rotate off courts 1 & 2 when beginners are present.


The rack system must be used to queue onto courts when available. The paddles queue from right to left, and the left-most paddles are next up for play. Single paddles should pair up on the rack when possible. When the rack system is not present, the same system is applied by placing paddles on the ground at the marked location.

Court Map

The map below shows a general layout of the courts. As you enter the park please remember to use the path behind the fence to navigate across if you can. Waiting areas are utilized on both ends so please do not stand directly behind active players. Rack system is hung on both ends of the fence during peak summer months, if the racks are not utilized, please follow the designated areas marked in orange to stack your paddles for a specific court.
Leif Ericson Court Map-01.png

Daily Weather

Daily Schedule

The daily schedule is an approximation of our daily play at Leif Ericson Park. Everyone usually gathers after 2pm. It is safe to assume that someone from this group is at the park past that time.

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